Having spent five years working with John Lawler at Madventurer I’m very excited to let you know that John and I will this week be launching a new Madventurer community project for Mali Island this summer. The project will be a six week community build task for a group of 12 volunteers, who will stay in Ligaulevu, Mali, and work alongside the local community in the construction of a set of composting toilets.

Here’s the latest from Madventurer . If you’re interested in being part of the project this summer or meeting up with John and I – come and say hello this Thursday at the Intrepid Travel store in Islington, London

Tribe members staying on Vorovoro will be able to participate in the Madventurer project during our normal school visit on Friday’s. Although staying on Mali, Madventurer volunteers are also likely to visit Vorovoro for the occasional day trip. Should be a busy summer!

See you on Thursday


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Community Building and Teaching Projects on an island in Fiji

John, our Chief, will be accompanied by Ben Keene, the Founder of Tribewanted who stared in the BBC’s ‘Paradise or Bust’ series last month.

John and Ben will be talking about a joint project that will be happening this July on another island in Fiji;

Mad have just launched an exciting Project on a remote tropical island in the Fijian archipelago. Located on the beautiful island of Mali just off the coast of Fiji’s second island Vanua Levu, you will be working with the local community to build a much needed toilet block for the island’s school which serves two other neighbouring villages on Mali

This is a great opportunity to have a very positive impact on a small island community whilst living on a stunning island in the Pacific Ocean. Established in association with Tribewanted and the Dream Foundation, this Project is set-up directly with the local community and village chiefs to build this vital piece of sanitation infrastructure which will be of major benefit to the school and its pupils, many of whom walk or travel by boat to reach the school every day.

During the week you will be building alongside local skilled craftsmen, getting involved in mixing cement, laying bricks, plastering walls, painting and generally getting stuck-in. Your hard work will soon begin to pay off and you can always jump in the ocean to cool off.

You will be living on the island as a group of mad volunteers in local accommodation with your Mad Crew Leader for the duration of the Project with plenty of opportunities to explore neighbouring islands and venture further a field at weekends.

Alongside the building there are opportunities to get involved in teaching English as well as extra-curricular activities like drama, art and a bit of sports coaching giving you have a unique opportunity to become immersed in the daily life of the school and wider village community.

Find out more on this project and other projects that are going on this summer!

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