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What is Tribewanted: Live?

Tribewanted: Live are weekend events which include a little bit of sustainable education, some adventurous action and a general tribe-like festival

The aim of Tribewanted: Live is to bring a bit of the Vorovoro experience closer to you. This is less about Fijian culture and island life and more about community experience adventurous travel and sustainable living.

Depending on the location Tribewanted: Live will mix some kind of educational workshop focusing on sustainability, some adventurous activities and a tribe living experience with good local food and drink.

Tribewanted: Live events are for groups of up to 30 in size and tribe members will organise shared travel and tents online pre-event and their stories and ideas post-event. Tribewanted will provide crew to co-ordinate each event and experts to lead workshops and activities but members will be expected to muck in with the cooking, projects as on Vorovoro

Tribewanted: LIVE in Cornwall 13-15 with Ben Keene & James Strawbridge

The first Tribewanted: Live event will take place in Cornwall between Friday 13th and Sunday 15th June, 2008


“Bula Sia! I am James Strawbridge. Since returning from Vorovoro six months ago I have been continuing my work as ‘sustainability manager’ at my family home. I live on a small holding in Cornwall that is striving towards self sufficiency and a greener lifestyle. The weather may be very different from the south pacific but there are many overlaps in the sort of projects we do here. As well as helping to run the farm I am heavily involved in writing a book about the seasons and a guide to sustainability, coordinating workshops for a nation-wide charity and filming for another BBC series of ‘It’s not easy being green’.

I am extremely excited about the prospect of Tribewanted: LIVE in Cornwall! The opportunity for our tribe to learn important sustainable techniques in this country will give them the opportunity to reduce their impact and equip them with the knowledge to help add ideas to the green projects already running on Vorovoro. Yes, it will be intense. Yes, it will be thought provoking. And yes it will be a lot of fun! From food for free, to solar P.V, from biodiesel to heat sync retrieval, a wide range of topics will be covered with many aspects of sustainability explained by looking at practical examples.

I hope you can join in the fun and make it for the first Tribewanted introduction to sustainability course, followed by a local organic lunch here at New House Farm, and then a walk to learn about hedgerow foraging and how to make a woodland salad, arrive at the magical domes of the eden project, return to the campsite for a BBQ and relaxing evening and then a bit of beach life the next day…

Hope you are all happy and healthy and look forward to seeing you in Cornwall


Cornwall Itinerary > Tribewanted: LIVE itinerary


Tribe arrive Friday afternoon and evening and set-up camp at Pen Hale Camp Site and dinner.


After camp breakfast the morning will be spent taking part in a practical intro to sustainable living at New House Farm with James Strawbridge

The workshop will be followed by full farm lunch including organic cider!

Walk off lunch with a lesson in hedgerow foraging arriving two miles later at the world famous Eden Project . Spend the afternoon exploring biodomes, returning to the tropics and eating homemade cornish icecream

Return to camp for BBQ


Late breakfast followed by trip to beach chill and games followed by pub lunch and wonder homewards by train or car.

There are a limited number of places available for Tribewanted: Live in Cornwall.

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£90 adults, children under 16 half price

  • 2 nights camping at Pen Hale Camp Site
  • Sustainability workshop and lunch at new house farm
  • Entry to Eden Project
  • Meals from Friday night to Sunday morning
    • Friday night: dinner at Camp
    • Saturday: Camp breakfast, lunch at the farm, and dinner BBQ
    • Sunday: Camp breakfast
  • Local transport (for those traveling by train from station to camp-site)

Price doesn’t include:

Payments are handled by Paypal, but you don’t have to sign up to pay! Credit card payments are also accepted.

Tribewanted: LIVE Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tribewanted: LIVE?
Tribewanted: LIVE are mini mobile Tribewanted events closer to you. The aim is have a fun weekend away from work, to learn something new about sustainable living that you can apply at home, and get outdoors.

How many places are their at Tribewanted: LIVE events?
It depends on the location and activities involved, but we expect it to be typically up to 30 people.

Who is Tribewanted: LIVE for?
Anyone. You don’t have to be Tribewanted: Vorovoro member to come along. Places sold on first come first served.

Will Tribewanted: LIVE events just be in the UK?
No. We will start with a couple of events here and see how they go.

What happens when I book my Tribewanted: LIVE place?
You will receive a receipt for payment and an email confirming your place on the event.

Do I have to bring a tent?
Yes, you do or your be sleeping under the stars. The alternative is to team up with other tribe members on the Tribewanted: LIVE forum to discuss travel and sleeping arrangments.

I’ve got more questions!

Send your questions to live@tribewanted.com, or join us in the Tribewanted Forums!

Tribewanted: LIVE Terms & Conditions

The purchaser of the places for Tribewanted: LIVE events can nominate who the places are for. Unlike Vorovoro places can be transferred to other people but not to other Tribewanted: LIVE events.

Places for Tribewanted: LIVE are non-refundable.

Tribewanted reserves the right to change the itinerary of Tribewanted: LIVE events.