Let’s get things straight here. We live on an island in Fiji. We (spear) fish, grow fruit and veg, compost our crap and drink a muddy narcotic and play guitars under the stars. We live the island dream alongside our Fijian family. That’s what we like to do.

Simon and I take the prize

And yet last night something very strange happened. We – us islanders – won an award at a posh ceremony in one of London’s most prestigious hotels (its on the home straight of the monopoly board) for ‘best social networking site’. Its a big shiney silver wedge of a trophy, and its got our name on it. To win we had not only to get past a ‘record number of nominations’ to reach the final, we then had to convince the judges (very esteemed lot they were too) that Tribewanted was a more innovative and impactful social networking site than Skins on E4, and hold your breath….MySpace. Yes, we beat MySpace, the world’s biggest online network, in a social networking competition. Bloody hell – how did that happen?

I think its hard to see it from the inside looking out – but here are the reasons the tribe members gave when we entered . I think it happened because we’re trying something different. And its starting to work. Very simply its about using a new and exciting way of communicating to make life better. And we’re not the only ones doing it either.

I’ll be taking the award back to Fiji at the end of the month and presenting it as part of my ‘sevusevu’ to Tui Mali on Vorovoro. I am not sure what he’ll think, but I’m guessing when he was told by Tevita that one day the world would come to his island, even he didn’t imagine it would look like this.


MJ for vision, Liz, Sara, John, Simon, Nics and all at Shine for support, tribe for joining and Fiji for welcoming us home. What a result! Babasiga never felt so good.