We’re back on the beeb, and later (in a jools holland stylee) tonight Paradise or Bust, Episode 2, ‘Epeli and his chainsaw’ are back in action.

For those who haven’t been following the tribe recently here are some updates…

Tribewanted as of June 2008

Since September 2006, over 700 tribe members have visited Vorovoro for an average of 10 days

The island has reached its capacity of 30 during 2008, and now faces the problem of having to turn people away!

22 Chief’s aged 19 to 60 have been elected by Tribewanted’s social network and co-managed a monthly development budget of $6000 on Vorovoro

Over £250,000 has been spent by Tribewanted locally in Fiji on the project, creating a new mini-economy in the Mali region.

The strengthening relationship between the global and local community has led to a more in-depth cultural exchange with the Fijian team taking more senior leadership roles on the island. The island community’s manager, Tevita, has even talked of his vision for Vorovoro to become the cultural capital of Northern Fiji!

Sustainability Projects have progressed with over 20% of the community’s food now coming from the gardens planted since the 2007 cyclone. Landfill waste has been cut to less than 15% of all waste produced.

The Tribewanted network has swelled to 10,000 in 2008 and this innovative project was recognised at the Broadcast Digital Media Awards when it beat My Space to win ‘Best Social Network’

The tribe are currently compiling the best of year two for a digital magazine, Vorovoro soundtrack and podcast mini-series to be launched in September 2008

My plans

After returning to the UK in October 2007 I have spent my time sharing his adventure and planning Tribewanted’s future including the launch of Tribewanted: LIVE, mini mobile events closer to the projects members. The first event in Cornwall included an introduction to sustainable living at James Strawbridge’s farm and a trip to the Eden Project. Future events incude Solar Powered boats in the Lake District, floating islands in Holland and Wind turbine climbing in Norfolk!

I head back to Fiji this July to help guide the project into its third year and plan for a possible longer-term partnership with Tui Mali and the local Fijian community. I also hope to help set-up a fair trade co-operative in the area.

As for the tax situation, Tribewanted continues to pay its own self-assessed VAT on those that visit Vorovoro. The larger tax invoice issued by Fiji’s inland revenue remains disputed.

“We have a great foundation. Vorovoro has provided a spring-board for Tribewanted to build more tribes online and off that educate, engage and empower more local and global communities. We survived our early scares and we are now working hard to turn this momentum into something that positively impacts more and more people’s lives. Sega na leqa!”

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