It’s less than two weeks now before I head back to Vorovoro after nearly six months away from our island home.

My main reason for returning to the UK was to promote the project and book during the BBC documentary series and spend time exploring ideas around Tribewanted beyond Vorovoro. Thanks to the hard work of the team in Fiji and members worldwide the word of mouth around the project is working really well. We’ve even had to turn people away from the island – which is a good problem to have.

I’ve met some amazing people in the last few months and been lucky to share the Tribewanted story with a fairly varied set of audiences including a social enterprise summit in Thailand, the CIA in Las Vegas , MENCAP, ACTION AID and SURVIVAL INTERNATIONAL in the UK, the Kaos Pilots in Rotterdam, as well as schools, universities and travel events .

Now its time to head home. I’ll be back on Vorovoro early July with four main aims:

1. To discuss with Tui Mali and the family their thoughts and feelings for Vorovoro beyond August 2009

2. To set on-island project goals in sustainability and social with team and tribe for year three. Explore ideas around fair trade and co-operatives with Mali community.

3. To set on-island team for year three

4. Improve my meke and re-set PB for Four Peaks Challenge

off-island the main developments I’m exploring are…

As for growing the Tribewanted idea we’ve recently run our first ever LIVE event – a mini Tribewanted experience closer to the places where the majority of our members live. Cornwall went extremely well with over 20 members taking part in a weekend of sustainable education and camp fun led by our ex-Vorovoro sustainability managers James Strawbridge and Duncan Glendinning.

Next up is the Lakes at the end of the month – if you fancy an outdoor adventure in a beautiful part o the UK this is ideal. It will be the last event I’m involved with until October.

In the pipeline we have possible events lined-up for where our tribal hubs are based: UK, Holland, New Zealand, & California. Tribewanted: LIVE aren’t designed to replace member organised gatherings. If you have an idea or would like to lead a Tribewanted: LIVE event share it .

Online Aaron has built a basic marketplace where relevant products can be sold via third parties. I imagine this will grow steadily with bits and pieces that fit in with the Tribewanted ethos and hopefully we can help stimulate more social enterprise on the ground in Fiji that in time will produce products that can be sold here.


Winning the Broadcast Digital Media Award was a huge part on the back for all involved in the project. I am under no illision that we have a long way to go with the project online, but the innovation we have pursued has been recognised – which is fantastic.

I am now working with Komodo on a design format for a ‘year two’ digital magazine to be published in the autumn with the best for this years stories. We may well need an ‘editor-in-chief’ to push this through. So if tribe-generated digital publishing is something that interests you, get in touch .

String Films have now cut a pilot for Tribewanted TV and we are currently pitching to media and sponsor partners to produce a professionally edited podcast series. If you are keen to be involved with this and have a project that you would like to share on this podcast get in touch

See you at a LIVE event or even better, on Vorovoro soon

Moce mada