Tented village, organic cider, compost controversy, foxglove poetry, greenhouse heat-synching, banana Lovo, BBQ bonanza, Eden explored, yaqona ceremony… it must have been Tribewanted LIVE. Here’s camp captain John Wright with the details and the pictures

Tribewanted: LIVE in Cornwall 13-15 June 2008, members: Lucy Casey, Tracy Meyer, Duncan Glendinning, James Strawbridge, Brad & Laura, Charlotte Strawbridge, John Wright, Sonya Cox, Clemmie & Dylis Twiggs, Sarah Risden, Melanie Miller, Michael Jonson, Avril Fletcher, Ben Keene, Tamryn McConnel, Aman Bahri, Woei Lin, Sasha Clusker, Senga Bennet, Warren Wright, Catherine Baker, Barry chambers, & Christine Shaw.


The first Tribewanted Live event can only be described as an outstanding success.

Strawbridge mansions is impressive for it’s approach to limiting the carbon footprint of it’s operations. While not yet fully “off grid” wind turbines, solar panels and a water wheel supply some of the electric demand, during periods of low demand surplus power is sold back to the “grid”.

Water is pumped to the house from a nearby spring. Solar “collectors” assist with the heating of the water.

There is even a compost toilet. Also on site is machinery for converting used cooking oil into diesel fuel.

Naturally, the premises being a farm, there are cultivated areas where vegetables are grown. Pigs & chickens are also kept. The operation is low scale, the [farm] output being mostly intended for domestic use rather then being sold.

The mornings talk explained, in basic terms, how all aspects of the farm were managed along with pointers as to how to introduce similar measures into our own homes. The talks were interspersed by tours of the facilities being discussed.

The talks concluded with lunch being served (dinner fit for a king would be a far better description) after which we departed to take a look around The Eden Project .

For the first hour at Eden Project we were left to our own devices until at the appointed time we gathered at the WEEE Man where we were to meet our guide to explain the concept / origin of the Eden project which was followed by an excellent tour of the tropical biosphere.

This tour was far more then your average tour. Howard, our guide, is a senior manager at the project, it really was quite a great honour to have such an experienced professional explaining the fauna and how it fits around life in the various [tropical] regions.

The Eden project is not an alternate take on, say, Kew Gardens. The exhibits are structured around “real life” (people among plants) and how the trade in plant related products evolved into world markets.
Conditions inside are tropical. To those of us who have been the climate was very similar to that on Vorovoro.

There was some discussion as to how Tribewanted might in future interact with the Eden project. Nothing is certain as yet but there could, with luck, be some exciting involvements ahead.

On emerging from the domes we were delighted to find that the British weather outside had improved considerably. This made our evening barbecue a great success. Kava was produced. Accompanied by some recorded sounds, on my & Michael’s iPods of Kava sessions on Vorovoro we were able to generate just a little of Vorovoro’s magic.

On the Friday evening we had had a campfire session on site extending into the small hours. On Saturday following our Barbie a minibus arrived to transport us to a local pub. With 21 of us (plus Ben & the Strawbridge contingent) that meant 3 trips, naturally I conspired to be on the first trip out & the last back. The usual rubbish was talked around at the pub, interspersed with games of Pool. Closing time though was 23:00 so back at the campsite the fire was stoked and the usual suspects kept it going to around 03:00.

Sunday morning dawned bright & beautiful. By 09:30 the sleepyheads were awoken by rain falling on their tents. They can count themselves lucky that some bacon butties had been saved for them.

The rain though only lasted for about an hour so we were able to strike camp in the dry & head to a beach pub for lunch. Departures commenced around 14:00 with everyone wishing to attend a similar event in the future.

PS: Just about everyone considered the w/end excellent value for money. While it is true £90.00 per person looks a bit steep it has to be remembered that this sum covered everything – except for drinks & Sunday lunch.

Add to that the visit to Strawbridge mansions (and the meeting of the entire Strawbridge family) together with a professional working within the Eden project devoting his time to us makes the true value priceless”

Join the tribe on their next LIVE event, in the Lakes 27-29 June