From Tui Mali on Vorovoro

“Congratulations for being a “kai” Mali. Thank-you for bringing to the attention of the Mali peope, Fiji and globally your commitment and contribution for developing Vorovoro and sustaining the traditional culture of a typical Fijian village.

Tribewanted enhances the tribal leadership, the communal set-up and collaboration with neighbouring villages. Your moral and courageous initiative and commitments for the past two years are certainly visionary and admirable.

You have built Vorovoro as a global island partnership to meet the great challenges ahead of all of us.

The atmosphere, your collaboration with the people of Mali on Vorovoro was no easy task as witnessed today.

Let me assure all members of Tribewanted that on behalf of the Vanua of Mali, Vorovoro island is granted for the renewal with the existing terms and conditions. Let Vorovoro develop with our collaboration and understanding each other. Vorovoro’s arms are open to you.

God Bless, Vinaka Vakalevu”

Tui Mali

From Ben on Vorovoro
“Tribewanted is a monalivaliva talanoa – a story for the 21st century.

In two years Vorovoro has become the physical and aspirational rock upon which we are building our story. It is chapter one for a new adventure in fairer travel, better living and good business. It is a story that I hope will benefit and inspire many people in the future.

Where the story goes exactIy I cannot tell you – but you can help shape it, build it, write it. Without you there is no story.

So if you enjoyed chapter one, join us – come to Vorovoro if you can, and if not become part of what we’re starting to do beyond Fiji. Our island home doesn’t just start and end in the blue of the South Pacific. It is everywhere.

See you on the beach. Vinaka for your support and hard work so far. Talo na yaqona!”

Ben, Vorovoro, August 2008


Tribewanted’s mission is to become a leading social enterprise that builds ‘tribes’ on-line & on-the-ground


– An ADVENTURE/ JOURNEY for all involved
– A better understanding of and access to SUSTAINABLE living
– A chance to participate in TRIBES (global and local) that inspire change in our lives

What kind of tribe?
For us, ‘tribes’ are groups of like-minded people connected by the development of something that is exciting and that improves theirs and others lives.

What will Tribewanted be tomorrow?

On-the-ground: Tribewanted Projects, Journeys & Events

Tribewanted: Vorovoro Island, Fiji (opened September 2006)
Tribewanted: LIVE events (opened June 2008 – B2C, B2S & B2B CSR)
Tribewanted Project II – (short-listed)
Tribewanted: Journeys – (cross-cultural journeys)

On-the-network: Platform for many tribes

Tribewanted: social media (podcasts/ records/ digi-mags/ feature docs) Winter 2008
Tribewanted: building paradise (gaming/ programs for sustainability) 2009/10
Tribewanted: marketplace (21st century shopping- changing consumption) Autumn 2008
Tribewanted: mobile (web apps with social impact for tribal generation) Winter 2008


Re-connecting is Cool: JOIN

Goodbye tree-huggers. Hello tribe. Social media and time-out-travel allows us to connect with people and places we previously couldn’t. Playing a positive part in these cross-cultural communities and networks whether its online or on an island in Fiji changes the way we think and behave. Vorovoro is our first attempt at re-connecting with a new kind of community.

Sustainability is Everything: LEAD

It is a step-by-step revolution in changing the way we consume. Now we can vote with our wallets – whether its the coffee we buy, the electricity company we use or the holiday we take. A switch from destructive (its us not the planet we’re killing) to sustainable living is perfectly possible as well as necessary – we don’t even have to protest or fight, all we have to do is consume better. We will lead, we hope you do to.

Adventure is Addictive: DO

The right kind of risk taking is what gives us extra energy – from bungy jumps to joining island-tribes, to starting social enterprises. We all have the chance to make the leap – so what stops most of us? We will always be on the look out for the unlikely and the unknown and ask whether it’s possible. And as with Vorovoro if we think the answer is yes, we will do it.

The World is Flat: SHARE

We are the generation of rapid change. We are quickly moving from the information age into the recommendation age. Grass-roots, bottom-up, open-source, whatever you call it – a lot more of us have megaphones now. We have an obligation and interest wherever possible to share our ideas, development, plans, successes and failures with you. The more we do this the stronger the relationship will be and the more we can collectively achieve.

Business is Good: CREATE

Business is the fastest way to change peoples lives for the better. Good business’s – ones that are as motivated as much by social and environmental impact as their bottom line – will be the successes of tomorrow. Tribewanted was founded as a social enterprise that aims to create positive impact as well as profit. In every decision we make we will remain committed to this and strive to innovate in the building of a social business.

Digital is Contagious: ADVANCE

Just because a new type of technological culture is evolving doesn’t mean we should lose site of the way the world was before. In fact, we think the opposite is true. We want to take advantage of the digital space where we now live our ‘second lives’ to make ours and others ‘first lives’ better.