picture_1The soft grey light of a late Autumn dawn was creeping in. But I was still wide awake – transfixed by the story unfolding in-front of me on television.

He spoke with a natural rhythm I’ve never heard, found combinations of words I’d never imagine, communicated like no other. And the wide-eyed joy in the faces of those who soaked up every syllable pushed me over the edge. I couldn’t help but cry.

The only time I can remember this feeling was when the Berlin Wall came down. I understood the context of the moment less, but the feeling was identical – I felt connected to a distant place and story and people.

Obama’s victory in America this morning gives me great optimism at a time of widespread pessimism.

And I feel the moment resonates with our story – of believing in something that looks impossible. Of adventure, fairness and good development. We may not be building a nation, but we are building a community – a community whose cross-cultural needs and aspirations reflect the best of what is possible.

He reminds me at times of Tevita – in his ability to show humility and inspire huge respect through his passion to see change in his country from the grass roots of Vorovoro upwards.

Many of tribe members are, and today I wish I was, American.

So Barack this is my sevusevu – vina’a va’alevu for giving us great hope. Soso Ratu.