What a year! From Paradise or Bust on the BBC to celebrating a win at the broadcast digital awards to Alan’s brilliant home made turbine and our second anniversary celebration on Vorovoro when Tui Mali asked us to stay on beyond the three years and renew the lease.

A year in tribal numbers: Close on 800 people have now visited Vorovoro for an average of 10 days, we have 1750 full members and an online tribal network of over 10,000;  $1million fj has been invested into the local economy in Northern Fiji, and an average of 1.5 million watched Paradise or Bust on BBC2, and 3564 bundles of kava have been presented on Vorovoro (actually I’ve no idea but there’s been plenty of the muddy root pounded)

My top 5 moments of 2008:
1. The Paradise or Bust parties in London, Fijian sunshine lights up winter.

2. The inpromtu anniversary breakfast celebrations & secret beach grog session, Vorovoro at its spontaneous best.

3. The recording of the Vorovoro Sessions, a magical night with a legacy.

4. Completing the inaugral Vorovoro Ironman with Jale  and being able to support the brilliant Survival International, in 2009 its the London Marathon

5. Winning a digital media broadcast award when we never thought we had a chance, oh and getting to publish the book, that was pretty cool.

My hopes for 2009? The continued evolution of Vorovoro inspite of the downtown and a measured conclusion of the initial three year project, the plan for beyond year three, the birth of the online marketplace, more live events including tribe members, schools and corporate incentives, Andina challenge in Peru, Vitika in Fiji and perhaps even a second Tribewanted headline project….

Until then – happy new year to you all & talo na yaqona!