Now we’re well over our festive hibernation and have welcomed what feels like a new World President, it seems like the right time to look forward.

So, in our little world of Tribewanted, here is what I am working on for the year ahead…

We’ve had a tough month – bad weather has prevented some tribe members arriving and some even from leaving and not much project work going on, but at least unlike many villages in Fiji, we’ve not been seriously affected. I thought the tribe’s weather report was brilliant.

This combined with the cut-backs we have had to make because of the currency dropping and prices going up means that development resources have been more limited – Team Fiji are rotating their time on Vorovoro, rather than anyone losing their job and Kaivulagi team have all taken voluntary 20% paycuts. I am very grateful to all the Tribewanted team, and especially Jim, for managing this so well.

Jan-Aug 09: Goal is to keep island full and happy and complete as many of the sustainability and community projects as possible. If you are thinking of visiting Vorovoro during this time book soon as August already pretty full. We’ll also be running VITIKA trips from March when its a bit drier.

Sept 2009 onwards (the future of Vorovoro): Aim to start a proper discussion on this in February when Ulai and I will outline our hopes and ideas for the longer-term partnership between Vorovoro and Tribewanted and what might be achieved. Tribe members input into this discussion will be vital. Island lease provisionally agreed for extension pending Fijian bureacracy.

We already have tribe members booked onto this summers challenge : to visit the majestic Cordillera Blanca in Northern Peru and challenge and engage yourself with its stunning snow-capped scenery and its fascinating indigenous Q’echua culture.

Some great news in the pipeline for a unique summer event in the UK which I should be able to confirm by mid February. All I can say now is that I know it will cause much excitement…

Also hope we can have some more LIVE style events May-July in UK. If anyone would like to run an event in the UK or elsewhere or have ideas for them then please get in touch.

Tribewanted On Tour are also organising an alternative three year Vorovoro celebration at the end of August here in the UK. More info on facebook.

I have teamed up with David McQueen who runs leadership and enterprise workshops to kick-start Tribewanted: Schools will be unique one day social enterprise programmes for 14-19 year olds in the UK, sharing the story of a cross-cultural, on-line and on-island tribe and inspiring students to create their own tribe. I hope once we’ve trialled this, tribe members can get involved running these events in their local schools.


This week I am sharing the Tribewanted story with Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) at Kings College London who are going to help the tribe with some sustainable design challenges. I hope this can progress to other universities. If you are in London on Friday 23rd Jan please come along.

I have teamed up with Fiona Pelham at Organise This , the UK corporate events industry sustainable events specialists, to look into a new approach to corporate incentives. Watch this space.

The Autumn was a busy time for sharing the Tribewanted story. Upcoming events I’ll be at include: Furness Young Professionals 6th Feb, Broadcast Video Expo 18th Feb, One Life Live 13-15 March, Adventure Travel Show 20-22 March

Kaz and Sue are doing some great back-end research into building the online Tribewanted Marketplace and we’re looking to shake up our digital architecture and clean up the site in the coming months.

Giles and I will be running the London Marathon for Survival International on 26 April – any support financial or at the roadside would be much appreciated. The Tribewanted Dream Foundation meets at the end of this month so hopefully we can do some fundraises for Fiji as well this year.

Finally I am keeping in touch with all kinds of interesting projects and opportunities around the world that have shown interest in what were doing. Nothing is set in stone yet but when the time is right I’d love to look at getting a second major project off the ground.

If you would like to help develop any of these projects or programmes then please get in touch.

Vina’a va’alevu for your energy