Eight of the family and workers of Vorovoro will be heading to London this July to represent Tourism Fiji by taking part in the Legends of Fiji cultural exhibition at the Hampton Court Flower Show .

‘Team Fiji’ will be building bure’s, weaving matts, singing songs, teaching meke and sevusevu and yes there may well be some kava consumption…

The idea is that we create a mini-Vorovoro at Hampton Court – showing off the best of Fijian culture, sustainable building and the Vorovoro story.

tribewanted-team-1There will be plenty of opportunity to catch up with the team at the show and at another event in the UK during their three week visit.

I will be asking tribe members to help with accommodation and will post the specific requests soon.

Team Fiji’s visit ties in perfectly with the end of the initial three year project on Vorovoro, and hopefully repays some of the amazing hospitality they have shown so many of us, and a chance for many of you who have built friendships with them to re-connect again – only this time it will be at a Palace!

On behalf of Tui Mali and Tribewanted, thanks to Jane West and Jo Tuomoto from Tourism Fiji and all at RHS for this amazing opportunity.