picture-1Our renewable energy partners Ecotricity are currently supporting a brilliant new series on the Discovery Channel: Check out ‘Ways to Save the Planet’, Sundays at 7pm

Ways to save the planet

Is a vast, high-tech blanket enough to save an icecap from melting?

Can we bomb the planet’s forests back to life? Could a beam of energy free us from fossil fuels?

Ways to Save the Planet joins a team of the world’s most prominent scientists and engineers as they identify and put to the test a selection of highly ambitious and cutting edge proposals from the field of geo-engineering.


Episode 3 – Space Sunshield
March 1st – 7pm

Episode 4 – Raining Forests
March 8th – 7pm

Episode 5 – Infinite Winds
March 15th – 7pm

Episode 6 – Brighter World
March 22nd – 7pm

Episode 7 – Orbital Power Plant
March 29th – 7pm

Episode 8 – Fixing Carbon
April 5th – 7pm

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