Both Benjamin Katz and I have been meeting various people in and around these islands over the last few months to help build partnerships that can make Vorovoro and its neighboring communities more sustainable, spread our story and integrate tribe members more with the project.

These partnerships are coming about because we are slowly gaining recognition in Fiji as a long-term development and as the story spreads further through social media.

After a busy day running around Suva in February, here’s where we’re up to…

University of the South Pacific School of Marine Studies

The Vorovoro Ark – a holistic sustainability project looking at marine life around Vorovoro, focusing on protecting subsistence living through local knowledge and biodiversity.

After the initial visit of Teddy Wong and his team to Vorovoro, the tribe will now be involved with the documentation of coastal plants – their various names, habitats and uses.

Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development

In partnership we’re looking into applying for grants to help with the sustainable development of Vorovoro – focusing on tourism.

Pacific Voyaging School with Fijian Arts Council & Wai Tui Using Vorovoro as an outpost for a traditional Fijian small sailing school including canoe carving. We will be part of a bigger network of Voyaging Schools that will celebrate traditional sailing and educate locals and visitors to the islands.

Living Human Treasures with Fijian Arts Council
A UNESCO project now being piloted in Fiji to find and protect ‘custodians’ of traditional knowledge and skills.

If willing I will be submitting Pupu Epeli and Ratu Tevita for this programme immediately. In time they should receive certificates for being recognised by Fiji’s president and UNESCO as ‘Living Human Treasures’ for their knowledge and skills.

We will also be inviting other Fijian ‘custodians’ from the Arts Council to come and spend time on Vorovoro to share their knowledge and skills.

Heritage Arts Exhibition Day with Fijian Arts Council

Vorovoro Sculptural Journey with Fijian Arts Council

Organic Clothing with Wai Tui

Sweet smelling tribe with Pure Fijidsc_0661

Renewable Energy Projects with True Offsets, Ecotricity & Tribe

Solar driers, biofuel technologies

Transparent Offsetting with True Offsets