From Giles….

So the dust has finally settled after a fantastic day in London. Myself and Bengazi took to the streets for Survival charity

Giles and I after 26 mile jog in the sunshine, raised £3500 for Survival International Having worked across the world, most recently in Fiji, Survival ( is a charity that particularly resonates with us as they help try and protect rights of indigenous tribes across the world. We have so much to learn from these traditional ways of life and so to be given the honor or representing Survival (who had only a few spots to give out) was massive.

Of course, when myself and Ben are involved, there will always be competition. Since regularly taking each other on at the 4 peaks on the island last year, it would be fair to say that ‘taking part’ becomes just a small part of it. The build up was good up until the last month when I almost twisted my knee off snowboarding and Ben’s schedule meant that finding time to train was tough.

However the day came and things seemed ok and we were prepped. After an all day eating frenzy on Saturday, we awoke early to join the masses descending on Greenwich for the big off. Its soon when you get close to these events when you start to realise that you are taking part in something special. Days like yesterday have this amazing ability to bring out the very best in people- all across the board. There is this incredible sense of unity, support and camaraderie amongst everyone involved. From the runners to the spectators, bands playing at regular intervals to people handing out sweets to strangers as they gag for sugar towards the end. Yes, you want to get a time that does yourself justice, but suddenly you feel as though you are part of something that is so much bigger.

The race started well and we hit our target times for the first 15 miles, however my other knee went soon after (excuses excuses………..) which meant i didn’t dare push myself any more than i had to. Once you get to this point in the race the challenge is really on. You know you just have to hang in there, ignore the demons in your head trying to persuade you that you don’t really need to carry on, draw inspiration from others suffering around you, and just dig deep.

The experience reminded me a lot of climbing. Very often when you are trying to summit anything it is just hard. When sitting in the pub with friends, it all feels doable, exciting and a very seductive idea. We all feel capable of anything before we’ve set out on it. However its when you’re right in the middle of it, and it hurts (mentally and physically) do you start to realise the enormity of the challenge you’ve set yourself and what you are attempting. That’s when it is always easier to stop or turn back…………

And so you dig deep, you refuse to give in to yourself and you make it happen. And that’s where the beauty of these types of events comes in. They are not easy. They force you to go within yourself and challenge you own boundaries. And then you do, and the sense of achievement is unbelievable. Combine that with a chance to raise money for a vital cause, and be part of what is quite simply an amazing event – it is very special. You definitely earn your finish in the marathon (or climbing), there is no short cut. And that is a very powerful feeling.

Myself and Ben came in at 3.25.43 which was great. Although the real achievement was raising awareness for Survival and (as i write) raising almost £3500 for them. We still have a justgiving page so if you are feeling generous then please click here

A massive thanks to all those who have generously sponsored so far. Your words and cash were extremely motivating!

If anyone is thinking about challenging themselves further then have a think about Andina this summer ( as we take to the Peruvian Andes with our Q’echua guides to build up our strength and skills before taking on 2 summits of 5,500 meters!
Drop me a line for more details