Good news tribe, island and Fiji lovers – thanks to all your hard work and support since 2006, Vorovoro is now formally open for another three years!

What have you achieved so far?

  • Collectively invested approaching $2,000,000 into the local economy in Northern Fiji.
  • Generated 20 full-time jobs and fundraising for four villages
  • Supported the development of the local school and communities
  • Built an island village!
  • Raised awareness about and made changes towards more sustainable living
  • Won posh digital media awards, recorded an album, been on the telly and in magazines
  • Made friends, connections and memories for life

A report of the first three years of Tribewanted: Vorovoro will be available later in the year and there will be discussions between now and then as to future plans for the project.

You can now book your stay on Vorovoro any time between September 2009 and August 2012. Here’s what this means for your Tribewanted membership.


  • Your current island time will expire on 31st August 2009 as set out at the start of the project. Unused island time cannot be transfered to other members or be refunded.

– So if you haven’t visited yet get to Vorovoro quick – flights are cheaper than ever and there is space between now and mid August.

  • Your online membership to Tribewanted: Vorovoro will continue as long as the project exists.
  • All tribe members who have paid to join the project between April 2006 and August 2009 will receive 2 free nights on Vorovoro between September 2009 and August 2012.

    – This is to say thank-you for helping Tribewanted get going! We hope you come back…many of you have already.

– Your two free nights will become available on your Tribewanted profile on September 1st 2009. You will need to use these in conjunction with at least one week booked on the island.

  • Island time from September 2009 can be purchased for £200/ $600fj per week. You will be able to stay for up to 12 weeks at any one time.

– You will be able to use your time at any point during the three years subject to availability on Vorovoro.

– All island time purchased for use from September 2009 will expire August 31st 2012.

– Vorovoro will close for one week (1st-8th September 2009) and re-opn September 9th. For tribe members departing Vorovoro September 1st 2009, a Vitika trip will begin on the 2nd and you can then choose to return to Vorovoro on the 9th.

Future Members
You can join the tribe and book to stay on Vorovoro either before or after September 2009.

Any questions on current and future memberships please say Bula Sia to Sarah in Suva

Here’s to another three years in paradise…. vina’a va’alevu to all of you for making the dream real. Long may it continue.

As tribe member Xena said this week. ..“If you haven’t been yet, please take the opportunity as soon as you can. You will dream of it forever, in technicolour.”

Talo na yaqona!

just the beginning: the Vorovoro story continues...

just the beginning: the Vorovoro story continues...