I’ve finally done it. I’ve nose-dived into social media mania and started to twitter. I’ve never seen a verb diversify so quickly – you tweet (micro-blog) for tweeple (you & me) from your tweetdeck (desktop twitter dashboard) and if you really like you can go to a twonference (real world gathering of twitterers) or even, and check this…join a twibe (a shared interest group minus desert island and fijian family).

I find the twitter language pretty annoying, but if you can get over that, show a little perseverance you may well start to discover, as I have, a remarkable form of communication. I’ve started to connect in a more meaningful way with a network of bloggers, social entrepreneurs, environmentalists and writers than I had online before. The content I’m interested in gets fed directy to me. I guess twitter, facebook connect , kiva micro-loaning (genius) mobile apps etc.. are the start of what the shift from web 2.0 (the conversation web) to 3.0 (the semantic web or as I understand the web where the world is the platform), and if you saw the launch of Wolfram Alpha – an intelligent computerised engine – then its easy to see the hype.

What I’m trying to do is use it for progress, work, development, marketing, education – and not as so much for social/chatter as I have so far with facebook. It requires some discipline, but like a game of black jack if you stick to your own rules you usually gain.

What does it mean for Tribewanted?

Well from my point of view lots of things. Marketing ideas, connecting actions, inspiring change at a faster and deeper rate. We could have built Tribewanted via Twitter – but it didn’t exist back then….

So if you fancy joining in and get what is important to you delivered to your digital doorstep then I can recommend this annoyingly brilliant blue birdie they call twitter.


another kind of media: does the coconut wireless resemble twitter?

another kind of media: does the coconut wireless resemble twitter?