I spent yesterday at the international school of Geneva with 500 students aged 14 and 15 from schools around Europe helping launch their 2010 conference on global issues.

After speaking about Tribewanted I was asked to lead a couple of workshops with the students. I challenged them to create, design and prepare a new social enterprise to launch. In small teams they had about an hour to discover what issues they each wanted to tackle and what skills and talents they could you use to do it.

Here are their results:

  • Talent United: Football league for differently abled in Geneva
  • greenhands.com: Discover global issues with people like you
  • Human Biofuel: “Brown and yellow makes green”
  • Water Wanted: Dams for India
  • Artable: Open art center for those with learning & physical difficulties
  • Dance with no Name: band nights for poverty reduction projects
  • A race to rid Racism: Int. School placements overseas to break down ignorance
  • Social Resitance Act: Fair trade crafts and campaigns against child soldiers in Uganda
  • Roof 2 Roof services: Garden allotments on urban roofs
  • Paddling Bryan’s boating bakery: eco-bread on lake geneva