I grab ideas, knowledge and entertainment more & more from projects & people online. When I have decent connectivity and time, I indulge in…

Right to Dream – sport, education, sust.development – SO much potential

TED – brainfood and inspiration

Current – future of tv

Tonic – good news minus the cheese

Adventurists – a revolution in rallying & fundraising to match

The Big Picture – show me a better image blog in the world today

Idiots of Ants – monty python for the facebook generation

Thin Cats – best CSR tourism consultancy out there

Zero Carbonista – ecotricity founder’s battling blog

Plastiki – a boat made of bottles. great story-telling about the state of our ocean earth

Howies – if i were to build clothing company…

Man up a tree – wild food blog, up a tree

Thoughtful Bread – baking just went up a gear

RED – celebrities turning rock-star patter into genuine impact. Future of social consumerism on the high street

Changemakers – network of talented re-thinkers

Matador – best travel content out there

Digital Talanoa – Fiji’s answer to Mashable

Black Tomato – how travel agents should be

Architects for Humanity – design like you give a dam

Imogen Heap – digital musical changemaker