Play your part in this pioneering new project on the golden sands of the Freetown peninsula. Immerse yourself with the local community at the start of the building of a new community.

Grand Prize: 1 person / 1 week with the tribe / Return Flights with McPhillips Travel / Local boat transfer / Visa

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More about Tribewanted Sierra Leone – Join us on the beach at John Obey. First feet land October 1st…

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Travel to Sierra Leone with Air McPhillips – 6 hours London-Freetown

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Stories about a new tribe in ‘Sweet Salone’

That’s what first bought me to Sierra Leone’… Filippo in the Huffington Post

‘There’s something in the air that brings you back’ Take Part Magazine

‘I realized this was just what I was lookin for’ Abbie Mood on Matador

Pirates & Fish: Tribe member & Marine Biologist Mariah Boyle

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Community building on Your Travel Choice

Meet Melanie Courbet from Tribewanted who will be speaking about the project at the Ecotourism Conference in Portland, Oregon on September 8-10th.

Meet the team: Alejandro Arango

Alejandro from Costa Rica will be the tribe’s permaculture manager at John Obey Beach. In this interview Ale tells us about how he formed his approach to permaculture, why he’s coming to Sierra Leone and what he hopes we can collectively achieve.

My name is Alejandro Arango Berrocal, Costarican, Central American, I am multi-active and hyperactive person, dancer, acrobatics, adventure sports, walking my spiritual path, architect student finishing my studies.

“How can we detach ourselves from nature and manipulate it to advance our own human interests?” This question has led us to our current environmental crisis and to be trapped in an economic box.

“I’m looking forward to walking the talk.”

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Ale moves to join the John Obey Community in September with Ben Keene, Filippo Bozotti, Mark Ax, and Cal Earth team

Whales, love, zaishu’s, co-ops: life on the island continues…

With 2 weeks to go until our 4th birthday life on Vorovoro continues to be an adventure of a lifetime…

365 days of love lost: Braden’s letter to an island missed

New visitors arrive with a splash: Stephen tells of how whale became latest member of the tribe

Kids travel free to Fiji from US: Maddy tells you how

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Mali women’s fair trade co-op a success: Jenny shares progress of this important project

From tea & empathy: Second Zaishu donation makes it to Mali School

Who’d live on island like this? Ben’s return to Vorovoro and the people he met on the grog matt

Vorovoro is open to independent travellers, families and educational groups until December 31st 2010. It is closed for the cyclone season January-March 2011 and re-opens in April. Come play a part in our island community…