Dear Tribe!

Today, on Vorovoro Island in northern Fiji we celebrated our 4th birthday. I hope you had a little tribal celebration of your own. For the first time I wasn’t on Vorovoro for the party so I joined the Notting Hill Carnival instead – a little noisier than the grog matt.

Next week I head to Freetown to help start our second tribe. Its an exciting and daunting challenge we’ve set ourselves – to convince enough people that it’s a safe and beautiful destination to make the project work and to have the opportunity to be part of something new and adventurous on a spectacular beach. Check out our slot on CNN yesterday.

I couldn’t encourage you enough to join us at John Obey Beach this winter where we have a great team and community to work with us. Sierra Leone is at a turning point and there is a great feeling in the country about going forward. Obviously the big question for visitors is safety. Personally I feel very safe in both Freetown and certainly travelling around the peninsula where John Obey is. It reminds me of Zanzibar minus the hotels – very laid back. This will inevitably change – but the great thing is we’re here at the beginning of this change and hopefully can help shape it positively.

I hope as well as the building of a new village (and beach life) at John Obey we can also bring exciting events to the project – development conferences on the beach, music festivals, training workshops in anything from micro-finance to local crafts. There is a lot of potential. As on Vorovoro, we plan to build this community for the long-term.

in the office at John Obey beach

We’ve got the best travel package going to get you to Freetown. Our friends at McPhillips Travel are offering a very competitive and 20% discounted rate for travel from London. And don’t forget you can still win a free place and travel this month by entering our sweepstake on facebook. Good luck!

Feel free to say ‘bula sia’ or ‘ow di bodi’ with your ideas, messages or questions at anytime – we’ve got a half decent internet connection on the beach so we’ll be in regular contact.

thank-you again for playing your part so far. I hope you’re enjoying the ride. Now, to the beach…



John Obey Beach, Sierra Leone is open October 2010-June 2011, email Mel
Vorovoro Island, Fiji is open until December 31, 2010 and re-opens April 2011, email Maddy