I finally made it back to Fiji earlier this month and was able to spend some quality time with Tui Mali, the family and friends of Vorovoro – all are well.

Debts have been paid and an offer for a new partnership was formally submitted and discussed in detail with the landowners and the Native Land Trust Board. The landowners were given two weeks to respond and I’ve been in regular contact since then.

I spoke again to Tui Mali yesterday who has since been advised by the Fiji Trade & Investment Board to re-value Vorovoro before moving forward with any kind of new partnership. As such we have had to withdraw our current offer for now as budgets for upgrading current island infrastructure cannot be available in the short-term unless a decision could have been quickly made.

I understand the landowners position it’s just frustrating that its taking so long and that bureaucracy much more than lack of will on the partners side is preventing a number of you from visiting Vorovoro this year.

I expect to speak to Tui Mali at the end of the month and take it from there. When I do I will let you know what happens.

Vorovoro, despite being slightly overgrown in parts, is as beautiful and welcoming as ever. Read Kim & Simon’s caretaker blog.

Vinaka for your continued support and Vorovoro memories. I am now back in Sierra Leone managing the rest of the first season of the John Obey project.