Bula Sia & Ow di Bodi!

You will remember that 5 years ago this month a few of us landed on the beach of Vorovoro Island, drank some kava, made friends for life, and built a new community.

Since then a lot more of you have played a part from your armchairs, in Fiji and in the last year in Sierra Leone. Our
little tribe has had a big adventure with lots of happy memories and positive stories. 10,000 of you have participated online. 1500 of you have visited. And a few of you have even married each other and started your own tribes.

So it’s a good moment to take a pause and remember what’s happened and what we’ve learnt.

Many of you have been as frustrated as I have about not being able to re-open Vorovoro after the rainy season this year as hoped because of lease negotiation issues. I’m sorry for this. It’s never been a case of the Mataqali (landowners), me or others not wanting the project to continue. We visited Tui Mali in May and made an offer where the Mataqali would take more ownership of the project. There has been ongoing discussion between all parties ever since. As soon as there are any further developments we’ll let you know.

Sierra Leone season two begins on October 1st at John Obey and I’ll be travelling back next week to start post-rainy season work on new earth domes and gardens, along with Fatorma, Daniel, Elijah, Mr.Ali and the rest of the team. It’s been an amazing experience living on what has to be one of the best beaches in Africa – I hope to see some of you for a Salone sunset or two soon.

The exciting news is that this year with the support of my business partner Filippo and other tribe members we have secured new funds and resources to re-launch Tribewanted online in 2012. The plan is to launch a new Community Interest Company that allows our members to become part-owners in our local communities. Similar to a co-operative model, for £10/$16 a month members can save up for tribe-time, make decisions as a tribe as to where our next communities will be and make each community financially sustainable. For every 1.000 tribe members we can launch and sustain a new community together! We have the opportunity to prove that it is possible to live sustainably not only in exotic locations and developing countries, but also in developed countries and even urban settings.

Before we begin to develop the new online platform I’d really appreciate your feedback and ideas on our plans. The survey will only take two minutes (or longer if you wish) and will really help shape the direction for Tribewanted 2.0

Vinaka vakalevu & Tanki Borku!



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