Great to be back at the beach – lots happening and team well motivated. Weather is dramatic and the plant life is flourishing. October 8th will be our Season 2 official opening with ceremony, bbq and beach party.So good to be eating fine fish, swimming in the river and getting dirrrty with the team.

Here’s a quick update of all that’s going on…


  • New inverter installed by Siaka Massaquoi from Energy for Opportunity 23.9
  • Prob identified as poor wiring junctions outside domes / shacks
  • Solution: build box -house for main junction distributor for accommodations
  • Re-connect lights in domes / shacks 30.9


  • Rainwater catchment effective – full tank
  • Taps fixed after storm damage
  • Well water intermittently saline/small dirt – hydrologist visit this week


  • Honeydome – courtyard floor to be earthed and toilet interior wall rendered 26-28.9
  • Cally’s Shack – Roof leaking, zinc changed 24.9
  • Hanging baskets to be installed (Tribe)
  • Walkway to shower to be built (Tribe)
  • The Wall foundations done with short-bags. Earth Team strong ownership!
  • Bucket showers (x4) pulleys rusting during rains  – change
  • Kitchen – survived thanks to earth wall behind. Drop-down shutters in-place. Chop-house needs table / fire stone (Elijah’s Salone pizza) & low earth-wall

Gardens / Landscape

  • Tree saplings have flourished, esp on pathways & banana trees front of compost toilets huge (good tribe urine)
  • Mandala composting bearing results after long-grasses cleared including carrots, pinapple, pepper, okra & lots of lemongrass.
  • Flowers planted around accommodations
  • Considering planting seaweed to strengthen lagoon sandbanks as erosion evident from rains – advice from marine biologist needed.
  • Outdoor map of village & community tourism model (Tribe)
  • 3 min film to be produced for MTV on sustainable living at JO (Tribe)


  • Increased focus on nutrition this season (Kat Cacavas + Elijah Beccles)
  • Constant focus on hygene
  • Both female kitchen team pregnant, maternity leave policy to be introduced.
  • More variety in preparation of seafood


  • 20 full-time workers happier with one-on-one contracts this season compared to community contract last season – great welcome back
  • Security no problems during rainy season
  • All micro-loans (salaried) paid back in full on time + all group-loans (solidarity) paid back except one individual with excessive debts. Matter dealt with in Waterloo.
  • Goodwill from TWSL (L2m per month / $500) structured this year split between Chief/leaders, elders fund, school & community development projects. To be seen whether this has greater impact on development.
  • Large community centre being built next to school with funding believed to be from future estate developer in the area.
  • Small youth community centre built by road-side in village
  • WHH (NGO) funding projects in village – dam, forestry training and tree nursery.
  • Fisherman community still not finished toilets with funding from TWSL end of 2010. Poor leadership and transitional community main reasons.
  • Observed large number of newborns since June. Quality of healthcare improving leading to growth in local population?

Official opening of season two for team, tribe, VIP guests & friends will be October 8th with small ceremony, Salone BBQ, beach football, fire & drums.

Target International visitors for 1 week or more Oct 2011 – June 2012 is 200

Season 2 Team

TWSL Directors: Ben Keene, Filippo Bozotti, Michel Sho-Swayer

Local Managers: Ibrahim Fatorma (Project Mgr), Daniel MaCauley (Tribe Mgr), Ali Conteh (Transport & Logistics)

Kitchen: Elijah Beccles, Isatu Sesay, Aminatta Jalloh, Alfred Marrah

Earth: Abas Bangura (Mgr), Alfonso Bangura, John Bangura, Mohammed Jalloh, Samuel Kamara, Abu Bayoh, Mohammed Sesay

Permaculture: Pa Brima, Issa Turay

Security: Junior Bangora (Mgr), Alusine Conteh, Saidu Conteh

Tribe Volunteer Oct-Dec 2011: Kat Cacavas (Australia)

Airport: Idrissa



earth boys begin ‘the wall’

tribe water make banana grow 🙂

even the hammocks are multiplying…

rainbow over village

beach still here…