The last 12 months reading has given me. From the top of the pile…

a modern classic with a startlingly persuasive conclusion: ‘McDougall -Born to Run’ (my book of the year)

surprisingly compelling menifestio – if only he could deliver it: ‘Goldsmith – The Constant Economy’

best book I’ve read on the continent so far: ‘Dowden – Africa’

great insight into this social phenomenon: ‘Kirkpatrick – The Facebook Effect’

Like Mother Teresa to Diana, so Wangari Maathai is to Steve Jobs – died at the same time but slipped under the world’s radar as a true heroine: ‘Maathai – Unbowed’

something I should have read years ago: ‘Schumacher- Small is Beautiful’

Gives great meaning to the word ‘footprint’: ‘Pearce – Confessions of an Eco Sinner’

Shows you why he was in No.10 for a decade – a very skillful politician: ‘Blair – A Journey’

Much better than I expected in it’s practical solutions: ‘Gore – Our Choice’

Great idea and opening but lost my attention: ‘Weisman – The World Without Us’

From Freetown to Liberia adventure which I read whilst on the road from Freetown to Liberia: ‘Butcher – Chasing the Devil’