How can you make the most of 32 days of your life? Write a book, start a company, get married, travel around the world, trek across a country, have a baby?

You could just join THNK.

1 month at the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership – spread out over four sessions in 2012. That’s all it’s been. It’s not a long time. So why does feel like its’ been forever and over in a flash all at once?

We were the guinea pigs. The early adopters. The ‘Yes’ people. With this new faculty of dreamers and doers we ‘built the plane as we flew it together’ and last night in a decadent den deep in the gut of Europe’s creative city we welcomed the new class of participants and with the rapidly-growing faculty celebrated what a melting pot of THNKERS might begin to look like as it takes its first step towards living its critical design element – scaling.

We formed a human tunnel of energy and noise to embrace the new participants as they stumbled in from their island bootcamp bemused, bewildered but surely buzzing.

Over dinner we shared stories of how we’d all come to this moment in this place. There’s something quite emotional realizing you’re in a room completely surrounded by talent, passion and ambition and trying to soak up as much as you can as fast as possible. You barely notice the food.

We handed the baton over with stories, pictures, insights and a bollywood flash-mob which soon had – despite near exhaustion for many of us – all 100+ THNKers rocking. The force is strong in this new school.

And so we’ve reached the end of the beginning. For us, as founding participants, we feel a sense of loss today. The intense ride that the last few sessions have given us is over for now. But like anything good in life, we all want more of it. To that end we’re devising a way to get us all back together in 6 months to keep the ideas, impact and spirit growing. For now, with the support, trust and talent of our peers, it’s time to accelerate our ideas. Right now, despite exhaustion and with an inbox backlog, with these guys it feels like everything is possible. And it only took 32 days.