Session 1 March 2012: ‘Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.’
Session 2 April 2012: ’30 participants, 10 days, 5 insights.’
Whilst in Sierra Leone in 2011 I got a call from a nice Dutch chap called Eduard who explained that a new ‘school of creative leadership’ was opening in Amsterdam in 2012 and that they were interested in me becoming one of the founding participants.
2 weeks later I was having dinner in London with Eduard and THNK’s co-founder Menno Van Dijk. Menno explained the vision by the Dutch government-funded school to bring together emerging leaders from different industries to explore creative solutions to some of the worlds biggest challenges. I knew immediately this was something I wanted to be part of.
I followed up with Menno and the team and a few weeks later I’ve signed-up as one of the founding participants!

My time at THNK – a handful of weeks in Amsterdam spread over 6 months followed by a long-distance ‘accelerator’ year – will run parallel to the launch of Tribewanted’s third location and Community Interest Company – where we will be attempting to fund future sustainable communities via an online co-operative. I will be blogging from inside THNK as to how my experience on the course is directly impacting this venture. Themes I will be focusing on include: digital democracy, sustainable building and energy, crowd-funding, influencing behaviour change and mainstreaming social enterprise.
THNK is an exciting opportunity to bring together talented, determined and open-minds in a forum where ideas that are good for the world can explode. I can’t wait to join this new tribe to learn and harness its energy for the mainstreaming of the sustainable revolution.