“On January 14, 2006, Ben Keene received an email that changed his life. He had just taken a sip of hot tea when the message from his friend Mark James popped up, and Keene did a double take at the subject line: A TRIBE IS WANTED”

National Geographic Adventure Magazine, February 2007

Tribewanted was initially a unique cross-cultural community tourism project on Vorovoro Island, Fiji and now on John Obey in Sierra Leone

As well as being an adventure of a lifetime, the aim of Tribewanted is that the evolving island community becomes a model for cross-cultural sustainable living that positively impacts and inspires both locally and globally online to improving the way we live.

Tribewanted and the local team have built the community from scratch, fusing traditional local customs and ways of living with international ideas for sustainability and innovation. 1300 members have visited for an average of 2 weeks in the first three years.

“Thankfully someone has taken the online social network and added back the important part—the real world.”
Jesse Lewin, Microsoft.

“The only holiday you’ll go on where you feel homesick when you leave.” Jackie, tribe member August 2009

“If there is one thing you do in your life make sure it’s Tribewanted.” Lisa Niari, tribe member, 2008

You see the pictures and read about it but nothing can prepare you for what is actually here. It still hasn’t sunk in. I’ve been travelling for a year to Thailand, Australia etc.., just following the tourist trail. This is the first place that feels like I’ve found something unique, untouched and truly off the beaten track.”
Nick Creson